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cinema politica Antwerp

established April 2012

previously screened

The Coca-Cola Case

about cinema politica Antwerp

This local is currently on hiatus. Please contact if you’d like more info on how to get involved.

CP Antwerp (Cinema Mundus) is an initiative of the student committee of the Master's Programmes at IOB (Institute of Development Policy and Management in Antwerp - Belgium). In a world where confidence in politics is getting as scarce as unpolluted air, where the new generation seems to be socially and politically disconnected and where mainstream media are subdued by political and economical interests, CP Antwerp aims to provide a politically independent forum for discussion of a broad range of societal issues. Our general objective is to inspire and stimulate students and others to participate in the debate on democracy, social and environmental justice, human rights as well as to raise awareness on global issues which are neglected by the mainstream international media. “We believe in the power of art to not only entertain but to engage, inform, inspire, and provoke social change”. We strive to provide a democratic and accessible platform of discussion where every voice is heard, thereby triggering debate and stimulating understanding.

The screenings will be held at the University of Antwerp (R-blok) every first Monday of the month. Of course, entrance is free! We are always in need of volunteers, so if you want to be part of this project, send us an e-mail or come at the next screening, we'll be happy to meet you!

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upcoming screenings

Stay tuned for upcoming screenings for Antwerp!


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