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stockholm 10/02/2010 - 07:33AM

Massive Turnout in Stockholm for The Coca-Cola Case

It was a sell-out crowd Monday night at Stockholm University, as almost 350 people showed up for the screening of The Coca-Cola Case. When the doors opened, we were flooded with inquiring minds and by 7:00 p.m., people were still cramming into our lecture hall. This is exactly the kind of crowd we were hoping to have for this screening.

The event began with a small speech from Kyle describing the events leading up to this controversial screening, followed by an introduction of the film and panelists from Sebastian and Adriana. We were thrilled to have Ray Rogers of the Killer Coke Campaign, former European Parliamentarian Jens Holm, and Stockholm University's Professor Henrik Berglund. Unfortunately, Coca-Cola Sweden's director of communications, Peter Bodor, backed out of the discussion.As soon as the film started, no one made a sound in the room; the air was filled with anticipation. Unfortunately, the speakers provided in the room were not very good so we will need to fix something up for our next screening.

When the film was over, the panelists got ready and took position, we connected to Ray Rogers through Skype, and the media sat in front scribbling away on their notepads, capturing photos and filming the event. There were many interesting questions posed to all three panelists, and even Ray's cat made a small cameo on Skype to check out the action in Stockholm.We've already had some press coverage of the event in Fria Tidningen and Flamman (in Swedish), and we expect many others to turn out more articles. The Stockholm team is very pleased with how the event turned out, and we're taking a well-deserved moment or two to relax before gearing up for the next big screening.


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