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cinema politica Calgary CABF

established June 2011

about cinema politica Calgary CABF

Cinema Politica Calgary was established by the Calgary Anarchist Bookfair Committee to explore how progressive communities in the city can work together and to foster mutually supportive networks. Our focus is to help create a forum where issues relating to personal or political oppression can be openly talked about and to examine the role of government in our lives today. The Calgary Anarchist Bookfair, established in 2003, uses education and dialogue to promote a vibrant sense of community based on respect, openness, and sharing. The establishment of Cinema Politica Calgary as a project of the Bookfair is another part of that effort.

Our films are screened at the Old Y, a centre that houses dozens of progressive environmental, social justice, and cultural agencies in Calgary. We look forward to seeing you there!

upcoming screenings

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