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Carole Poliquin / Canada / 2007 / 87 ' / French - English


Fernando Lopez-Escriva
Carole Poliquin
Tolga Kutluay & Isaac Isitan
David Seitz
Farzin Farzaneh
Luc Chamberland
Pablo Villegas
Bruno Pucella
Santiago Bertolino
Antoine Bustros
Research: Sylvie Lapointe
Research: Marie-Hélène Grenie
Research: Isabelle-Anne Bélanger
Research: Tiago de Jesus
Research: Mélanie Navarro
Set photographer: Günes-Hélène Isitan
Production direction: Günes-Hélène Isitan
Production direction: Jennifer Letarte
Production direction: Aleksandra Zajko

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Awards & Festivals

2007 Rencontre internationale du documentaire de Montréal 2008
Rendez-vous du cinéma Québécois 2008
Festival des 3 Amériques 2009
Nature & Environment Film Festival 2009
Festival international du Grand Reportage d'Actualité Awards: 2009 Winner
Festival de films de Portneuf sur l'environnement, Prix Enviro 2009 Winner
Big Muddy Film Festival, Best Documentary

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Everyday, an impressive amount of toxic substances is released in the environment, while we are still unsure of the long term effects these molecules have on humans and other living beings. Some of these substances seep into our body, so that while we transfer a genetic pool to our children, they also receive a toxic pool. In a serious and humorous breakthrough investigation, based on her own blood analysis, the director explores the link between these toxic substances and the increase of certain health problems like cancers, lower fertility and hyperactivity. The conclusions are shocking.


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