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// Films // River Blue: Can Fashion Save the Planet?

River Blue: Can Fashion Save the Planet?

David McIlvride & Roger Williams / Canada / 2017 / 96 ' / English


Lisa Mazzotta

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Winner, Best Documentary Feature, Raindance Film Festival
Winner, Best Environmental Subject, Eugene International Film Festival
Official Selection, Sedona International Film Festival
Official Selection, Vancouver International Film Festival

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This award-winning documentary spans the globe to uncover the dirty secret behind the manufacturing of our blue jeans.


Internationally renowned river advocate Mark Angelo, who has paddled more rivers than perhaps anyone on Earth, journeys through some of the world's most pristine waterways to some of its most polluted in an unprecedented global adventure. This quest originally set out to film the world’s great rivers in an effort to protect them, but in the process, uncovered the dark underside of the global fashion industry.

Through harsh chemical manufacturing processes and the irresponsible disposal of toxic chemical waste, the manufacturing of our clothing is destroying rivers globally. From China’s Pearl River and India’s Ganges to the waterways of Bangladesh, Mark takes viewers up some of the world’s great rivers for a behind the scenes look at a major, yet under-reported, contributor to the destruction of these global waterways.

The textile and tannery sectors account for 20% of the world’s freshwater pollution, says Angelo, but they don’t get nearly the profile of other big polluters. While examining the pollution produced by the blue jean manufacturing and tannery sectors, the film also explores the latest technologies and cutting-edge solutions to the problem.

“We saw this as a chance to profile that issue, bringing the message of river conservation to a broader audience, because we all buy clothes, we all buy textiles and leather goods, so I think it’s a very timely topic.” –Mark Angelo

Shot in 5K with images both stunning and shocking, RiverBlue acts as a “demand for significant change” from the top fashion brands that we all love, regarding how our iconic jeans are manufactured.


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