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Marcus Lindeen / Suède / 2010 / 58 ' / Suèdois / S.T. Anglais


Marinella Angusti
Erik Persson
Kristina Åberg
Starring Orlando Fagin and Mikael Johansson

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Two charismatic Swedes are born male, switch to female, and are now switching again, while discussing the notion of a third gender.


At centre stage sit Mikael and Orlando. Both men, now well into their 60s, share a common bond—they were men who became women and decided to change back. In this raw and candid tête-à-tête, Mikael and Orlando explore their pasts and trade war stories of their individual journeys through gender reassignment and back again. Mikael, deciding to become a woman later in life, was immediately hit with a wave of regret post-surgery and now longs to feel “whole” again. The flamboyant Orlando, one of Sweden’s first cases of gender reassignment, chooses not to live as a woman anymore, but is comfortable with the fluidity of his somewhat undefined current gender.Regretters offers a rare and penetrating look at a subject seldom talked about. Marcus Lindeen’s minimalistic staging allows for Mikael and Orlando’s compelling stories and insightful reflections to jump off the screen into our hearts and minds. - Lynne Crocker