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Granny Power


Grannies Bare it All
"Raging Grannies Bare it All for documentary film funding campaign"
One of the documentaries-in-the-making Cinema Politica has “adopted” is GRANNY POWER, by Montreal director Magnus Isacsson, about the Raging Grannies, a worldwide activist movement. More on the project here:
Magnus completed a shorter, French-language version in 2010, Les super mémés, about the Quebec "mémés déchaînées", which premiered as the closing film of the Montreal Human Rights Film Festival. Screenings were sold out, the media expressed keen interest and gave it uniformly excellent reviews.
But in the 8 years since Magnus began working on this project, the English-language feature length version has been repeatedly turned down by several English Canadian broadcasters. As a result, he is turning to the public to raise support for the completion of the feature-length film he had always intended to make. About $50,000 is needed to complete the feature film as well as a shorter (52 minute) television version.
In a spring crowd-sourcing campaign, the Granny Power project is looking to raise private donations from individuals and foundations, working in partnership with organizations such as Cinema Politica to help get the message out.  
They are backed by a terrific force - the irrepressible Raging Grannies themselves. The intrepid Grannies of Montreal decided photograph and create an OLD, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL calendar to sell and raise funds in support of the film. Along the lines of the Calendar Girls movie about a true story (, the RGs of Montreal hope to provoke and inspire as they uncover the truth (and themselves) about peace, social justice & respect for the earth - issues that cause these grannies to rage! (I believe there will even be Grannies dripping in molasses to indict the tar sands...)
WARNING: it will have graphic content!  
With Raging Grannies' song stanzas and politically-charged, provocative photographs on how we all can be part of changing society for the good, this will be a scintillating, stripped-down scorcher of a calendar, not for the faint of heart.
Available for purchase ($20) from the Montreal Raging Grannies group in Spring 2012, the calendar will run from January 2013 - January 2014. CP encourages its members to support this OLD BOLD and BEAUTIFUL initiative. 
Contact Helen Van Veeren for ordering details: nellvanveeren [at]

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