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// The Secret Trial 5

The Secret Trial 5


Did you know: 5 men have been detained for a combined 26 years without charges laid against them in Canada?
The Secret Trial 5 is a documentary in-progress that examines the human impact of Canada’s so called, “War on Terror” through the lense of a little-known immigration law call a Security Certificate. And we need your donations to make this film. Please visit and find out how to donate.

5 men, Hassan Almrei, Adil Charkaoui, Mohamed Harkat, Mahmoud Jaballah, and Mohammad Zeki Mahjoub have been detained in Canada on Security Certificates in the last decade.

Their detention? Indefinite. They have each spent between 2 and 7 years in prison, despite never being charged with a crime.

Evidence? It’s secret. They have never seen the evidence used to imprison them.

These men are The Secret Trial 5.

Due process? Suspended. Security Certificates allow for indefinite detention, with no charges, based on secret evidence.

In February of 2007, The Supreme Court of Canada declared Security Certificates to be unconstitutional. Was this the end of them? No.

The Secret Trial 5 were not freed based on the unconstitutionality of the laws holding them, nor have they been brought to trial.

Moved to house arrest, their families must also endure the conditions of detention. In fact, in March of 2009, Toronto’s Mohammad Zeki Mahjoub did the unthinkable. The father of two young children walked into court and asked the judge to return him to prison, saying that the house arrest conditions were too damaging to his family.

The reality is, Canadians want to understand what is happening here. We have access to the families of The Secret Trial 5 and we need your help to make this documentary.

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