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At Cinema Politica we don't just produce documentary screening events, we also produce nifty and snazzy interpretative materials, including multiple-contributor readers on documentary activism.

In 2010 Cinema Politica initiated a program to support independent Canadian documentaries during the production stage, and before broadcasters and/or financiers have "come on board." In other words, we started Adopt-a-doc to offer our support to independent films struggling to get made in the very tough climate of documentary in Canada.The two films that CP is supporting under this initiative are Granny Power (Release date estimate: 2012) and The Secret Trial 5.

Since 2010 Cinema Politica has co-sponsored POV Magazine's annual Education Issue.

Launched in 2012, Cinema Politica has teamed up with professional translators and language students to offer French and English versions of single-language films and videos, facilitating greater exposure of and access to art works made in one of Canada's two official languages.