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cinema politica Radical Reels Guelph

established January 2017

previously screened

Migrant Dreams

about cinema politica Radical Reels Guelph

Radical Reels Guelph is a Cinema Politica local hosted with the support of OPIRG Guelph. We screen films that challenge conventional narratives and that explore stories from directly affected communities and struggles. Our film screenings aim to engage campus and the community in critical issues, actions, and experiences surrounding social and environmental justice. After each screening, we talk about our collective experiences and the practical actions we can take to reach these goals.

OPIRG Guelph is your activist centre for research, education, training and action for social and environmental justice. Our office aims to be a positive place where campus and community activists come together and connect to share skills and information, access resources and support, and deepen our political analysis.

upcoming screenings

Feb 28
05:00 pm
Mina Shum / CA / 2015 / 81 '
A chronicle of a troubled chapter in Concordia University’s history where black students occupy the Hall building to protest institutionalized racism.
Mar 09
05:00 pm
Liz Miller, Nupur Basu & Mary Kiio / CA / 2014 / 48 '
A film featuring women tackling the issue of climate justice with a focus on the Canadian Tar Sands.

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