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cinema politica Seattle

established February 2012

about cinema politica Seattle

Seattle is a city with a rich and robust film scene, reflecting a value for creative expression paired with years of forward-thinking community spirit. It is our objective with this Cinema Politica local to offer a free space for film and conversation that bridges the gap between theory, practice, and representation.
The films we screen span larger issues of social justice, homelessness, political theory, environmentalism, innovative art movements, and so on. In an attempt to supplement and localize the messages presented in the films, we invite relevant individuals and organizations to lead discussions at our events. We believe that this local will provide a space for the transformative power of film to meet with the voices of our community, inspiring not only ideas but action.
Screenings will be held monthly at The Vera Project or other accessible locations as indicated -- specific dates and times will be posted closer to the event dates. Donations are gratefully accepted to help cover our printing, postage, and other costs. Contact for more information.

upcoming screenings

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