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Films Screened by Cinema Politica

Other films directed by David Ridgen

Treatment Centre, 2013
Confession to murder, 2012
Reconciliation in Mississippi, 2011
Murder at the Shoe Shop, 2011
American Radical: the Trials of Norman Finkelstein, 2010
Sharin', 2010
The Bomb that Killed Wayne Greavette, 2009
A Garden of Tears, 2009
Mississippi Cold Case, 2007
Return to Mississippi, 2004
A Viable Palestine?, 2004
The Village, 2003
Buried Alive, 2002
Showdown in Steeltown
On the Borders of Gardens, 2000
Memento, 1996


David Ridgen


David Ridgen is an international award-winning independent Canadian
filmmaker who specializes in character-driven, POV, and investigative
documentaries for theatrical, tv, radio, and web. And also in writing,
directing, and shooting short and longform drama. He has worked for
the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, MSNBC, NPR, TVOntario, the
Center for Investigative Reporting, and others.


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