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Films Screened by Cinema Politica

Other films directed by German Gutierrez

Le Brésil et le monde
My Brand New Life
Romancing the Bean
Martin's Inferno
Surviving the Wild: The Wolf
Surviving the Wild: The Grizzly
L'effet boeuf
Le café a saveur équitable
Societies Under the Influence
The Invisible Enemy
De l'eau pour tourou
Variation on a Familiar Theme
AMERICA 500: Rediscovering the New World
Red Earth
Five Centuries Later
Making Do
La familia Latina

German Gutierrez


German Gutierrez was born in Columbia, where he was a member of the theater troop La Mamma. He then spent several years in Paris where he studied dramatic arts. Gutierrez has lived in Montreal for the past thirty years.

After studying cinema in Ottawa, Gutierrez worked as a camera assistant and cameraman for Radio-Canada, the National Film Board of Canada, several private companies in Montreal, as well as in foreign television.

He quickly became interested in directing, focusing his films primarily on social and political issues. As director of photography, Gutierrez continued to collaborate on a variety of productions, gaining several awards for his films and photography.

His numerous projects have given him the opportunity to travel to spaces of political and social conflict (Cambodia, Sarajevo, South Africa, Rwanda, El Salvador, etc.) and to remote locations around the globe (Amazon, Choco, Columbia, Tepui, Venezuela, Nepal, Guinea Bissau, Northern Canada, etc.). These experiences have allowed him to film in more than fifty countries.

In 1988, Gutierrez discovered the field of wildlife-focused documentary and the skills demanded of macro-photography.

Gutierrez enjoys the role of filmmaker as much as director of photography, often performing the two roles at once. His work has allowed him to master film, video, and HD formatting.

Artist talk with German Gutierrez


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