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Kevin Hegge


Kevin Hegge is a filmmaker, curator, and writer based in Toronto, Canada. After having graduated from a Film and Television Production programme at Humber College he became immersed in the alternative arts scene in Toronto. He has worked collaboratively on several short videos and web-based projects as well as having exhibited his own video based works in gallery and festival settings. His work challenges hetero-normativity and provokes reassessment of the institutions of history, politics, and sexuality. He is a freelance music, arts and culture based writer and works with several publications regularly.

After having worked for several years as an events promoter and coordinator putting on large scale musical events, he moved on to focus on his first feature length film, a documentary project about the Toronto based, feminist post-punk group Fifth Column. The film premiered in 2012 at the Hot Docs festival in Toronto and later won Best Canadian Film at Inside Out LGBT Film festival. The film went on to screen at many festivals in cities internationally including London UK, Stockholm, Mexico City, Dublin, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, New York City, Vancouver, and many more. Since the film Hegge has completed two music videos for Toronto based acts Lioness, and Gentleman Reg with more in the works, including pre-production on a new documentary feature.


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