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Kelly Nyks


Kelly most recently directed and produced DISRUPTION - the story of the greatest crisis mankind has ever faced and the movement rising to fight it.

He also recently directed and produced the critically acclaimed short films MONEY IS MATERIAL & IMPOSSIBLE - both Vimeo Staff Picks.

He directed and produced DO THE MATH - chronicling America's preeminent environmentalist Bill McKibben in a david-vs-goliath battle to fight the fossil fuel industry and change the terrifying math of the climate crisis.

Kelly wrote, directed and produced SPLIT: A DEEPER DIVIDE – a non-partisan investigation of the US political divide hailed by Variety as a ‘solid, evenhanded spur for discussion’ and ‘a Must See’ by The Examiner – which was released theatrically nationwide and can currently be seen on the Documentary Channel. International broadcasts include Germany (ZDF), Japan (NHK), Austria (ORF), Spain (MultiCanal), Finland (YLE), Israel (Channel 8) and Taiwan (PTS).

His directorial debut SPLIT: A DIVIDED AMERICA won Best Documentary and Audience Favorite awards at festivals nationwide, was broadcast domestically (IFC) and internationally (Films Transit) and cornerstoned a nationwide educational campaign to educate First Time Voters in partnership with the National Council for the Social Studies and the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Through the US State Department Public Diplomacy Speakers Program Kelly has screened the film in cities around the world including Beijing, Berlin, Madrid, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Toulouse, Taipei, Barcelona, Munich, Brussels, Paris and Valencia, among others.

He is writing, directing and producing REQUIEM FOR THE AMERICAN DREAM – the riveting discussion of a lifetime with Noam Chomsky, the most important intellectual alive (NY Times), on the financialization of America. The film lays bare the social and political mechanisms responsible for the historically unprecedented concentration of wealth and power into the hands of a very few in the United States over course the last thirty years that has transformed the nation into one of haves vs. have-nots.

Kelly is also writing, directing and producing THE FIGHT – an in-depth investigation through the lens of health care into the battle between the two contending visions for the next Era of America – unbridled corporatism vs responsible capitalism. The documentary sees this struggle through the lens that exposes its greatest pain – the American Health Care System.

Kelly produced THE ARTIFICIAL LEAF which won the Jury Prize in the Focus Forward Filmmaker Competition and will play Film Festivals worldwide this year.

He is a partner at PF Pictures.


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