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Murray Siple


About Murray: North Vancouver multi-media artist Murray Siple cut his teeth in the art scene while progressing through the institution of Emily Carr College of Art and Design. His early strengths were in conceptual and experimental film, video, and photography sculptures and installations.

In 1996, a serious high speed car accident changed Siple’s life forever when he was left a quadriplegic. Rather than a return to film, he recalled his drawing skills from art school and with architects Acton Ostry, they designed a barrier-free, accessible home that won the Lieutenant-Governor Award for architecture. He soon after discovered “Big Al” with a shopping cart on his street every recycle day and a bond of outsider comradery led way to Siple writing and directing the award winning National Film Board of Canada documentary, CARTS OF DARKNESS.

Siple continues to use photography to document the landscapes of our dark wet winters. His current writing and photography is in research for a documentary based on the darker seasons stranglehold on all of us, alluding to a psychological revenge by Mother Nature herself.

Current Project: “The Legitimate Complaints of a Seriously Injured Individual” is a feature film script in development. Murray, an internationally acclaimed young filmmaker, is left paralyzed by a drunk driver when he returns to his small hometown. By sheer force of will he overcomes the limitations of his injuries to return to filmmaking but his triumph is soon threatened by the emotional pain he has tried to outrun since the accident. As he spirals downward into a world of vice, obsession and the abandonment of all he has re-built, will he discover the courage to find a new way to live?


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