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Karol Orzechowski


Karol Orzechowski is an image-maker currently based in Toronto, Ontario. Karol began doing photography as a youth, embedded in the punk rock scenes of Peterborough, Toronto, and Ottawa, where he slugged it out in sweaty clubs and basements and learned how to wrangle bands, and his own camera. Over time, his work has expanded to include a broader range of subject matter that reflects his growing interest in the relationship between images and the creation of meaning. In recent years, he has focused especially on animal issues as a place of investigation, while maintaining his interest in other political issues as well as his love of music photography. Karol tries to create images that do not dictate, but instead encourage active interpretation and further political engagement.

Karol’s current photography projects include Meet Me In The Bathroom, where he looks at portraiture and self-portraiture in bathrooms around the world, and a long-term project documenting independent mixed martial arts fighters. 

Karol’s first feature-length documentary film, Maximum Tolerated Dose, featuring first-hand stories from the animal experimentation industry, was released in mid-2012. The film will be appearing at film festivals in late 2012 and throughout 2013.

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