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Mort à Venise: Un voyage musical avec Louis Lortie (2009)

Mathieu Roy


Mathieu Roy is a Montreal-based filmmaker whose career path has steered him into the worlds of cinema, theatre, opera, TV and classical music. In the process, Mathieu has traveled the world and collaborated with some of the world's most prominent artists including legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese. His first feature documentary, François Girard en Trois Actes, was awarded the 2005 prix Gémeau for best cultural documentary. In 2006, he directed La Peau de Léopard, a documentary featuring journalist Pierre Nadeau on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In April 2009, at the opening of the 27th International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA), Mathieu presented Mort à Venise, a musical journey with Louis Lortie. The film won the Prix du public ARTV. Mathieu's latest documentary, Ecclestone's Formula, is the first project to tell the story of Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone. It was broadcast by Radio-Canada in June 2011 and is expected to be seen across the world during the course of the next year. Mathieu's current film projects include his first fiction feature, a family drama and a multimedia project about Martin Scorsese's World Cinema Foundation. Entitled Toutes les Mémoires du Monde, the film will feature Scorsese himself as well as Walter Salles, Abbas Kiarostami, Wim Wenders, Bertrand Tavernier, Fatih Akin, Wong Kar Wai and many others.

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