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cinema politica arizona

established March 2017

previously screened

The House I Live In
Angry Inuk
Finding Dawn & A Red Girl's Reasoning
Red Power: Standing Rock Part 2
Sacred Water: Standing Rock Part 1
The Hand That Feeds
A Right to Eat
Edible City

about cinema politica arizona

The Cinema Politica Arizona chapter was founded in May 2017 by Marta Berbés and Matt Feagan, with the support from Arizona State University’s Sustainability Events. CP Arizona has screened documentaries on food sovereignty, Indigenous resistance, race relations, migrant justice, among other topics, on ASU’s Tempe campus and in venues throughout the valley. Now in partnership with Azukar Coffee, CP Arizona is entering a new phase, screening films that: 1)  support learning and community mobilizing on issues that matter to South Phoenix; 2) amplify the voices, concerns and actions of local activists; and 3) connect different social struggles to one another 

Starting in March 2019, CP Arizona and Azukar Coffee will be hosting bimonthly screenings followed by an audience discussion with special guests. 

CINEMA POLITICA is a non-profit network of people screening independent political films and videos to support and inspire social change. We are committed to promoting the artists who dare to devote time, passion and resources to telling stories from the margins--stories that expose the world as it is experienced by those under-represented in conventional narratives and mainstream media. Volunteer run, Cinema Politica offers an international alternative distribution network of independent documentary films for screening truth to power. All screenings are free; donations accepted. 

upcoming screenings

Stay tuned for upcoming screenings for arizona!


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