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// Charles Gervais

Other films directed by Charles Gervais

Shadows Within - La part d'ombre / 2010
Islam Québec (series, co-dir.) / 2008
Manifestes en série (series, co-dir.) / 2007
When Life is a Dream - Quand la vie est un rêve / 2005
Un Canadien en Afrique (series, co-dir.) / 2004

Charles Gervais


Formally a journalist at Radio-Canada, Charles Gervais started his career in filmmaking in 2002. After co-directing a series of short documentaries across West Africa - winner of the Best Canadian Film at the Montreal’s Film Festival Vues d’Afrique in 2004 - Charles Gervais is now an established independent filmmaker with a definite interest in world diversity and character-driven stories.
When Life is a dream was his first TV documentary, presented in 2005 by Radio-Canada Television. The film documented the tragic journey of an Haitian refugee in his quest for freedom. In 2005-2007, he wrote and directed the film ¿¡ Revolución !?, that portrayed the Don Quixote’ quest and persona of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in his attempt to liberate Latin America. Official Selecion at Hot Docs, the film was presented by Télé-Québec and Seville Pictures.
In 2007, he co-directed Manifestes en série, a documentary manifesto series addressing the development and emancipation of Québec next generation of citizens. The series won Best Directing and Best Editing, and was a finalist in eight categories at the Gémeaux Awards. In 2008, he also directed a TV series on immigration, Islam Québec. His last feature film, Shadows Within, focuses on the transmission of genocide trauma through the second-generation of Cambodian refugees in Canada. Nominated for Best Documentary Society, it has won two Gémeaux Awards for Best Editing and Best Sound.
Charles Gervais is currently working for the edgy and refreshing cultural magazine VOIR TV.

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