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// Ari A. Cohen

Other films directed by Ari A. Cohen

Sivummut: Going Forward / 2014
Falafelism: Politics of Food /2012
The Uluit / 2009-2011
The Instrument Bank / 2010
Rock Opera / 2009
La Pêche Blanche (Ice Fishing) / 2009
Killer Moves / 2007-2008
The Debaters / 2008
Alone in the Dark / 2007
The World’s a Stage with John Neville / 2007
I Want to be Happy The Jackie Washington Story / 2007
The Friendly Tourist (Costa Rica) / 2006
The Legend of Memphré / 2004
Cruising Quebec / 2004
Women Warriors / 2002-2004

Ari A. Cohen


For nearly two decades, Ari A. Cohen has been creating important Canadian and international social, political, environmental and cultural films, including Too Colourful for the League, Being Osama, The Instrument Bank, and The Family Farm, an essay documentary profiling farmers from across the country decrying the food industry’s corporate practices and calling for a return to the land, and The Uluit, a five-part documentary series on a women’s hockey team and the inhabitants of an Inuit village. He also authored Falafelism, an international documentary about the politics of food in the Middle East, and biographies The Jackie Washington Story (a film about a struggling but monumental musician) and The World’s a Stage with John Neville (a film about an actor that pursued theatre over Hollywood).  Before entering the film world, Ari was a Director at a prominent Montreal performing and visual arts center.

Artist talk with Ari A. Cohen


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