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// Arshad Khan

Films Screened by Cinema Politica

Other films directed by Arshad Khan

Abu (post-production)
Brace for Landing (in development)
Faultline (in development)
Zen / 2012
Doggoned / 2012
Brownie / 2012
Can / 2011
Ziddi Larki (Stubborn Girl) / 2009
Road to Shangrila / 2005

Arshad Khan


Arshad Khan was born in Pakistan and raised in Canada. He is interested in cinema as a catalyst for change. He hopes to make films that shed light on subject matter ignored by mainstream media. He is interested in realism in cinema and hopes to be part of the new South-Asian cinema movement.

Arshad Khan has worked as writer, director, assistant director, production manager, art director, continuity supervisor, editor and prop master on several film projects. He has recently worked as an art director and buyer on the film Midnight’s Children by Deepa Mehta.


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