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bloor 15/02/2013 - 09:00PM

STATUS QUO screening at Toronto's Bloor Hot Docs Theatre packs the house

STATUS QUO director Karen Cho

On February 5th, 2013 Cinema Politica @ The Bloor screened the fabulous new documentary from the NFB and by Karen Cho (pictured in image second up from bottom of the strip) called STATUS QUO? THE UNFINISHED BUSINESS OF FEMINISM IN CANADA. The film documents the history of feminism and the (multiple) women's movements in Canada over the last several decades.

Cho spent years researching and filming and it pays off: SATUS QUO is a powerful education on a topic too often ignored or subjugated by mainstream and corporate media. Cho's incredible use of archives and her choice in compelling interview subjects, combined with a fantastic soundscape, excellent editing and top-notch cinematography make for a documentary not to be missed.

STATUS QUO is also a testament to the endouring relevance and creative power of Canada's only national film production institution, the National Film Board (NFB). It is truly remarkable that this film was even made, as Cho herself has said, the topic wasn't attractive for funders, and the only place that showed real interest was the NFB. This despite ruthless cuts (10% of total budget) recently made by Canada's ruling Conservative party. Kudos to Cho and to the NFB and everyone who worked on the film!

Kudos also to the countless feminist and women's rights activists featured in the doc and who continue to resist patriarchy, create equality, and sound the alarm on issues ranging from abortion to labour to the missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada.

In particular, a big thanks to our co-presenting organizations the National Film Board of Canada, the Childcare Resource and Research Unit, the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada & the Philippine Women Centre of Ontario and our guest speakers, Martha Friendly (Childcare Resource and Research Unit), Barbara Mills (Founder of Sisters in Solidarity and Domestic Violence Consultant, Advocate and Lecturer), Karen Cho and others.

With well over 400 in attendance this was Cinema Politica @ The Bloor's biggest and most successful screening in the nine months we have been screening films at that local. We're emboldened by the incredible response from Toronto's artist, doc, activist, and academic audiences as well as the general public.

From the beginning a small but fierce audience and co-presenting organizers urged us to not give up on Toronto, a city with so much going on every night, but to keep building our project and to keep connecting with the various groups we work with and who work around the issues we feature in our films. 

We're grateful for the response and the ongoing support from all. Next up: ROADMAP TO APARTHEID!


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