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CapeCod 18/05/2014 - 08:32PM

Bidder70 and the Lobster Boat Blockade

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We've taken a hiatus from weekly screening here on Cape Cod, but are always looking for ways to connect global issues, inspiring docs, and local activism. So it was a perfect triangle to screen BIDDER 70 as part of the Global Climate Convergence (ok, a few days late...) along with a climate activist in residence, Jay O'Hara.

The plot and messages of BIDDER 70 came to life after the screening, as we watched a short appeal from the doc's hero, Tim DeChristopher, in support of the Lobster Boat Blockade. Jay and his compatriot Ken Ward led this creative action in May 2013 to keep a shipment of West Virginian coal from being delivered to the Brayton Point Power Station in Somerset, MA-- one of the dirtiest power plants in New England. Jay and Ken had their day in court on May 15, and their trial is scheduled for Sept. 8 at Fall River District Court.

Like Tim (a/k/a Bidder 70), Jay's civil disobedience is deeply rooted in faith. As a Quaker, Jay felt compelled to take action to stop coal from being burned-- even if for just a day. And for this symbolic action, he and his co-defendant are being charged with a litany of crimes. And yet, as the word spreads, they're finding support nationwide.

As they left the courtroom last Thursday, Jay's team launched an Indiegogo campaign to bring in expert witnesses (think NASA's James Hansen, Bill McKibben, and even some Woods Hole climate scientists) and purchase art supplies to make a bold and colorful statement at the trial. As of this writing-- just a few days later-- they've already reached HALF of their $10,000 goal! Over $50 of that money came from Cinema Politica, but they could definitely use more.

Every little bit helps, but even if you can't contribute, consider sharing the link to the campaign via email, Facebook and Twitter (#lobsterboatblockade #coalisstupid).

Lobster Boat Blockade Indiegogo campaign:

And following up on the post-screening discussion, here is the link to the Orion article referenced in the film that so inspired Tim DeChristopher:


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