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concordia 31/01/2017 - 01:00PM

And we’re back!

Last Monday night, on Jan. 23, we kicked off our winter 2017 program with the troubling, captivating and infuriating 2016 documentary, Hooligan Sparrow.  The documentary, directed, produced and edited by 32-year-old Chinese documentary filmmaker Nanfu Wang, follows radical women’s rights activist Ye Haiyan, also known as Hooligan Sparrow, in her efforts and struggles while fighting for justice for six elementary school girls who were abused by their principal.  The film sheds light on the Chinese government’s corruption and arcane attitudes towards women’s rights, public protests, and freedom of speech in that country. 

The film started the Cinema Politica Concordia season off with an empowering bang.  Hooligan Sparrow encompasses everything our organization works hard to champion: people bravely and boldly fighting to present the truth. The film gives a powerful and important voice to a marginalized group of activists who have something to say.

We are excited to be back for the winter season, and to continue disseminating crucial cinematic exposés and important calls to action that so many amazing filmmakers struggle to bring to the screen from around the globe.

The Cinema Politica Concordia team is hard at work brainstorming on how we can make our screenings as engaging and inclusive as possible.  For many of the films, we have special appearances of guest speakers and community collaboration arranged.  We look forward to all the cool events to come this season.  And we’d love to hear from you— join the conversation on our social media platforms, and have your say about our films and program.

Most of all, we are looking forward to another season of sharing political documentaries that spark change.  From the story of a charming but fiercely alternative food coop in Brooklyn, to the classic doc on Chomsky’s ideas, to a badass feminist Latina cyclist squad in L.A., to Mohamed Jabaly’s devastating look into the war on Gaza, this season will be filled with important and diverse stories on people and their experiences.

So on behalf of the Cinema Politica Concordia team, a warm welcome to our winter 2017 season of screenings.  We look forward to what the season holds, and to experiencing it with all of you.

(Danielle Gasher)



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