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concordia 13/12/2013 - 04:00PM

Burn baby burn!

This week CP Concordia wrapped up another semester and another year of awesome political doc screenings. And what a wrap it was! For the special occasion we screened the queer classic PARIS IS BURNING (Jennie Livingston/US/1990) to a packed house (we unfortunately had to turn away some).

The screening was introduced by professor Tom Waugh (who is on the CP Board of Directors) and was book-ended by an incredible performance by Kama Le Mackerel, who schooled the audience on the ten rules of PARIS IS BURNING, and a launch of the new book Paris is Burning by Lucas Hilderbrand, who gave a talk and signed books at the wine and cheese that followed.

It was a simply awesome event, put on by CP Concordia, the Mel Hoppeneheim School of Cinema, and the House of Waugh.

Pictured, left to right: Matthew Hays, Lucas Hilderbrand, Ezra Winton, Thomas Waugh, Kama Le Mackerel, Elsa Donovan, La La Oyegun, Svetla Turnin, Sydney Hall, Rachel Prudhomme, and Tina Gelsomini.


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