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concordia 20/03/2017 - 01:00PM

A call to action for a future without fossil fuels

Do you know how much fossil fuel energy you use before even leaving the house? Or how many calories of fossil fuel energy it takes to make one calorie of food?

David Lavallée's eye-opening film TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH answers these questions, among other tough environmental queries that are often left unasked, or brushed off.

The 2016 film, narrated by Oscar-winning British actress Emma Thompson, explores the world’s dependence on extreme extraction of oil and gas, and the worrying ramifications this dependence has already caused in the world. Through the findings and experiences of people at the forefront of the issue, we are presented with the troubling facts on the state of the world’s fossil fuel consumption.

We meet activists, a lawyer, a financial analyst, scientists, academics– all devoting their time and resources to exposing the problems of a doomed energy system.

Deforestation. Disease. Climate change. Through clear and informative narration, interactive diagrams, statistics and interviews, Lavallée translates complex information on the fossil fuel industry, into a relatable and engaging manner. Instead of merely exposing the current problems with the industry, To the Ends expands on the past and on the why questions. By explaining the history, the decisions, the machinery at the root of the industry, Lavallée creates an important educational setting.

“What if, instead of facing a great collapse, we take control, and create instead, a great simplification,” asks Thompson. Fossil fuels are drying up, whether the world is ready or not.

TO THE ENDS informs on the past, and offers a call to action for the present: a present that must urgently focus on the development of renewable energy sources.

Catch this important film with Cinema Politica Concordia tonight! (Monday, March 20 at 7 p.m.). Lavallée will be in attendance for a post-screening discussion!

(Danielle Gasher)


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