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concordia 18/01/2010 - 11:04AM

The Coca Cola Case Film Tour Launches today (January 18)

Guarding Coke in ColombiaToday Cinema Politica is launching the international tour of the critical and controversial documentary, THE COCA COLA CASE throughout the CP Network. Nearly two dozen screenings will take place across Canada and at our international locations in Sweden, Norway and New Zealand.

Our tour, in collaboration with the NFB, kicks off tonight with a screening at Concordia Unviversity at 7:30 PM in Room H-110. The filmmakers and Killer Coke activist Ray Rogers will be present for a discussion following the screening.

On January 11th Cinema Politica received a letter from Coke's lawyers, insinuating we were complicit in breaking contractual agreements between characters in the film and the US courts. The letter amounts to an intimidation tactic, in our opinion, and we will continue with our plans for the tour.

To read about THE COCA COLA CASE, the lawyer's letter, the media coverage, and the tour, visit the CP page for the tour.

Download the NFB press release here.


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