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concordia 19/01/2010 - 11:47AM

Coca Cola documentary sets a new record at Cinema Politica

Last night we screened The Coca Cola Case as part of a huge international tour of the film throughout the CP Network. The screening at Concordia University was the launch event and we had Ray Rogers of the Stop Killer Coke Campaign and filmmakers Carmen Garcia (pictured at left speaking to the full house last night) and German Gutierrez in attendance.

For the first time in our history we turned away over 200 people!! The venue holds about 700, so this means we had over 900 people show up to see this great documentary. We have only ever turned people away a few times in the past, including screenings of The Corporation, Dawrin's Nightmare and Roadsworth.

So the media attention around Coke's lawyers sending us an intimidating letter has helped get the word out, and we hope that the momentum builds right across the country and even abroad. This week Svetla is doing an interview with a Swedish newspaper (the film screens at our CP Stockholm local) and today or tomorrow the CBC in Yellowknife would like a radio interview with me.

So yes, an exciting beginning to what is promising to be a great tour of an excellent film! You can read more about The Coca Cola Case Film Tour here and you can become a fan of the film on Face Book here.


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