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concordia 25/01/2013 - 06:00PM

CP Concordia Winter 2013 Program Notes


A torrent has been rising within communities on the margins of mainstream society.  Many have felt the injustice mounting, the oppression too unbearable, the lies and whitewashing too familiar. Enter Idle No More, launched in December 2012 by indigenous peoples. On the cusp of a groundswell, this season's lineup is curated in the spirit of solidarity with that movement.

We've gathered together 15 contentious, collective, capricious, cathartic, creative and combustible docs that might stop your heart while busting your joints - all the while fuelling fires built on the shorelines of our collective consciousness.

Join us when we confront the international aid complex in HAITI: WHERE DID THE MONEY GO; when we follow African artists building solidarity in UNITED STATES OF AFRICA; when we bare witness to the heroism of THE KUCHUS OF UGANDA, and celebrate the women who have made feminism a fought-for reality in Canada in STATUS QUO? THE UNFINISHED BUSINESS OF FEMINISM IN CANADA.

This winter program compels you to join the nascent social movement against Russia's oligarchy in WINTER, GO AWAY; to better understand direct action and state violence in BLACK BLOCK; to seek justice in Argentina against Barrick Gold in LAND IN REVOLT: IMPURE GOLD; and lastly, to build resistance and community in the movement that inspired this season's program, initiated by the subjects intimately portrayed in THE PEOPLE OF KATTAWAPISKAK RIVER.

Cinema is not passive, and we—indigenous and non-indigenous—refuse to be idle.

//Svetla Turnin & Ezra Winton, Programmers and Co-founders


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