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concordia 11/05/2017 - 04:00PM

The end of Cinema Politica Concordia’s 2017 winter program

Spring has finally graced us with its long-overdue presence (well, kind of). For Cinema Politica Concordia, that means our Winter 2017 program has come to an end.

It’s been a rousing semester and we’ve had yet another season full of screenings of thought-provoking and diverse political documentaries. 

And once again, we are left to reflect on the films we have seen, and on the people behind the lens and on the powerful messages they have conveyed.

The screening of Costa Boutsikaris’s INHABIT: A PERMACULTURE PERSPECTIVE on Monday April 10th marked the last regular season screening, and the launch of the special Canada 150 issue of POV Magazine. The event was co-presented with Sustainability Action Fund Concordia, Concordia Greenhouse, and the Montreal chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology.

INHABIT offers an engaging look into permaculture, focusing on a selection of practitioners and enthusiasts in The United States who are experimenting with ways we can incorporate nature’s design into human activities. The film suggests and shows a self-sustainable and ecological lifestyle that is possible when people think outside the box in every aspect of life. 

Permaculture, as the subjects in the film explain, is the idea of permanent agriculture; or, according to Wikipedia: “Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems.” Instead of endlessly taking, permaculture promotes reciprocal relationships with nature, thus sustaining the Earth the same way it sustains us.

People living in very different settings, from the city to the countryside, introduce their unique and different ways of living sustainably. They demonstrate and explain how they participate in the important permaculture movement, some by creating lush rooftop garden in Brooklyn, others by turning their country homes and land into self-sustaining systems.

The screening of INHABIT offered a positive and stimulating close to this year’s winter season. While all our films can’t be so infused with positivity for the simple reason that many of the world’s realities are far from positive, having our seats filled every week with eager and involved viewers is positive in its own way.

The films screened this season have touched upon different spheres in which change and action is necessary and possible. Confronting global issues by supporting documentary activism is an important first step, but only one step. The next move is beyond the theatre doors. To follow through on our duty as involved and engaged community members, the Cinema Politica Concordia team invites everyone to not only get informed, but to get involved in the various issues and worlds this season’s films have brought forth.

(Danielle Gasher) 


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