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concordia 16/11/2017 - 10:14AM

Nowhere to Hide by Narcy, Inspired by the film

Image: Still from NOWHERE TO HIDE

Last Monday, CP Concordia and RIDM screened NOWHERE TO HIDE by Zaradasht Ahmed. The film is a devastating and necessary look at war-torn Iraq, mostly through the eyes of a nurse who is taught basic filmmaking skills. We had asked Narcy to perform a spoken word intro for the screening, and this is what he wrote for the occasion.

Dearest Spectators of Suffering,
There is Nowhere to Hide.
There's a War Going on Outside,
but No Fear Inside. 

You are in the equation, plus
we were picketing with signs,
and the news was hating us.
White Culture outracing us.
Like Vultures, Tasting Us.
Time Outdating us
My Mind Can't Take this Stuff. 

My Heart isn't Patient Enough,
My Art isn't Ancient Enough,
All this Innocence Lost,
Even I am part and patron of.
Please Pray For Us 

But this is not about us.
Right now there are men without their children.
There are women without their childhood.
There are children without mothers and fathers,
unborn daughters.
Pillaged Homes.
Village Stoned, Unknown Charters,
Image Prone Killer Drones,
Gun Prone Martyrs. 

But I digress all this is difficult to digest.
My mother used to tell me, as all brown mothers do,
be a doctor.
I was dishonest in my youth trapped by friends who
had the devil in them. So I locked her out.
This was my fault entirely. I let them in.
but I digress this is difficult to digest. 

During this time I watched my mother mourn her
mother land.
It was something I never experienced first hand,
but brother can I feel her pain.
Things would never be the same.

I watched this story of a doctor and his patients
The clock unlocking his patience.
There is no way you could repay him
except to be
A Dear Spectator of Suffering. 

It is important that you see this and hear this.
It is important that you consume nothing but this suffering,
please put your popcorns away.
This is not survival porn, it is not scorned either.
It is not seen as a reality neither.
here or there when, 

There is nowhere to hide.


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