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concordia 14/09/2010 - 08:14PM

Outdoor screening of Fresh kicks off many more CP screenings of this great doc!

CP Concordia outdoor screening of FRESH

Fresh was screened by Cinema Politica as part of a sustainable food festival at Concordia University under the Montreal night sky on Monday night (Sept 14). More than 300 people crowded the terrace, snuggling in for the show (with popcorn and hot chocolate), despite the lack of chairs for everyone. It was a fabulous screening - so many people stayed after and talked in groups about the film, as well as sustainability, food security, organics, farming, and more. The film provided new information for some, compelling support for the organic and sustainability movement, while for others it reinforced a resolve to keep organizing, to keep building community, and to keep fighting corporate food and farming culture.

A lot of people had asked us why we weren't showing Food, Inc this semester, and after watching Fresh I think many understood why we passed on that film. Food, Inc is well-made to be sure, but the underlying message is hardly transformative: at one point the film basically advocates shopping for organic foods at Wal-Mart!! Fresh on the other hand explores the many community-based, small-scale alternatives for growing and buying.

And that's what makes Fresh such a great film for Cinema Politica: it's a film about presenting solutions and celebrating the champions out there doing the hard work of taking back the commons. Progressive, radical and alternative food and farming practices are under-represented in the mainstream media, a muzzling effect that keeps solutions and alternatives out of the public sphere (and therefore out of policy). Films like Fresh ensures that these issues, problems, and those committed to tackling them, have a voice.

The outdoor screening of Fresh at Concordia had people buzzing, plotting, planning and committing to push against the industrial food complex toward a sustainable, equitable and community-oriented future.

Cinema Politica is proud to collaborate with a documentary that can facilitate that kind of engagement, energy and inspiration. And thankfully there are more screenings to come…


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