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concordia 15/01/2014 - 06:00PM

VOICEOVER: Our first screening of 2014

Last Monday night (January 13) CP Concordia held its first screening event of 2014, a night complete with music, performance, and a Canadian documentary premiere.

Montreal-based percussion band Alayê opened the event with two high-octane songs, where members of the group came into the theatre from the back, down the aisles and up on to stage singing and drumming. One of the songs they performed was a traditional Brazilian resistance song. 

With the audience fully energized by the first act, Montréal word-sound systemizer Kaie Kellough took to the stage and performed a piece that was specially chosen for the documentary that followed. Kellough wove an inimitable sonic tapestry of words and sounds that thematically linked migration, hieararchy, harmony, dissonance and humanity.

After the live performances the main attraction of the evening started with the Canadian premiere projection of VOICEOVER: RIOTS REFRAMED, a new independent doc from the UK by Fahim Alam.

Following the 72-minute projection of this powerful doc, we held a 30-minute Q&A with Alam, who was projected on screen from his home in London, England. Alam was gracious, thoughtful and very knowledgable on many of the topics the subjects in his film discuss (such as race, class, empire, resistance). 

It was an incredible first event for 2014 and feedback from audience members suggests we should keep things rolling in this manner, combining outstanding live performances with excellent independent political documentary and discussion.

It's a recipe that combines the inspirational and interpretative qualities of art with the transformative and provocative elements of politics - exactly what CP is all about.

On that note, thanks to all who came out, and huge gratitude to Alam, Kellough (check out this short video on the wordsmith) and the Alayê ensemble!

*Pictured at right: Members of Alayê practice on stage before the event, while Kaie Kellough looks on and the test projection of VOICEOVER looms large in the background.
*We'll post video of the performances and Q&A in the coming weeks


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