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concordia 24/02/2014 - 06:00PM

"We must be better ancestors" - Honour Your Word Joins the CP Program

The CP Crew with the Barriere Lake Crew at Concordia

On February 10th Cinema Politica Concordia screened Martha Stiegman's new doc, HONOUR YOUR WORD (produced by the wonderful folks at Productions Multi-monde), "an intimate portrait of life behind the barricades for the Algonquins of Barriere Lake, an inspiring First Nation whose dignity and courage contrast sharply with the political injustice they face."

Stiegman's film provides a very personal look at community and resistance, ultimately confronting mainstream media coverage and challenging settler apathy. The one-hour doc is a must-see for anyone interested in social justice, indigenous culture, and Canada's legacy of genocide, coloniization and continued settler oppression. The lensing of this important work always comes across as profoundly patient, and the direction always concerned with the ways in which people embody both oppression and the power to resist.

It is a film that should be taught in high-schools across Canada, and used as a tool in the ongoing fight for aboriginal rights in this country - a fght that is constantly made more difficult by actions of the Conservative government.

Cinema Politica is honoured and excited to include this film as part of our coast-to-coast-to-coast programming, and based on the incredible response at Concordia—which included a lengthy standing ovation and post-screening discussion—we think it will make an impact.

To find out more about the Barrier Lake struggle click here.

In the top photo: From left to right, back row - Svetla Turnin (CP Exec Director), Rachel Prudhomme (CP Concordia), Dru Oja Jay (Barriere Lake Solidarity), Martha Stiegman (Director), Martin Lukacs (Barriere Lake Solidarity), Mamoun Bennani (CP Concordia), Ezra Winton (CP Director of Programming), Lorenzo Signoretti (CP Programming Assistant). Front row: Clayton Nottaway (Barriere Lake), Sonnie Papatie (Barriere Lake), Marylynn Poucachiche (Barriere Lake), Diandra Soares (CP Concordia), Norman Matchewan (Barriere Lake), and Sydney Hall (CP Concordia).

Check out all the photos from the event here.


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