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Gothenburg 26/08/2017 - 01:22PM

A little change

The Cinema Politica local in Gothenburg first apologizes for the screening that was supposed to take place on May 31th.

The local had planned to screen the documentary 500 YEARS LATER, but it was unfortunately cancelled at the very last minute due to an impulse of one of the organizers. We again, apologize for this regretful event which will not be repeated.


The CP local in Gothenburg will change the screenings' location from this semester onwards.

Instead of the lecture hall Dragonen (Sprängkullsgatan 21), the screenings will now take place in the lecture hall Sappören (Sprängkullsgatan 25) for practical reasons.

Please take note of the change. The image above pictures the building's entrance.


The team looks forward to seeing all of those interested very soon for the next screening, which should be held on September 13th.

Image credits: Akademiska Hus


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