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london 23/03/2016 - 05:27PM


 In partnership with the Cinema Politica London "In Your Community" Program,  N'Amerind Friendship Centre is pleased to invite you to a FREE PREMIERE FILM SCREENING of Cinema Politica "First Peoples First Screens"original films FREE COMMUNITY FILM SCREENINGS:  EVERYONE IS WELCOME !Monday, APRIL 4, 2016 at 6:30pm (doors open at 6pm), N'Amerind Friendship Centre auditorium, 260 Colborne Street, London ON, N6B 2S6 

 This event is one of the ^YESALIHUNI "They will teach you" cultural series evenings held bi-weekly at the N'Amerind Friendship Centre  (       ^yesalihu’ni  (Oneida for "They will teach you")         -  A CULTURAL TEACHINGS PROGRAM The Cultural Teaching Program is a partnership between Namerind Friendship Center (NFC) and Fanshawe College (FC), through a collaborative grant awarded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.   The partnership will provide culturally relevant experiential teachings for area First Nations (FN). Metis, Inuit and non-status community members, as well as Fanshawe and other students. The focus will be First Nations heritage, culture, and identity.  Throughout the thirteen moon calendar, area elders, community leaders and cultural attachés will be invited to share customary and or contemporary culturally relevant experiential teachings.          CONTACTS:              Ron Hill | | (519) 672-0131 | N'Amerind Friendship Centre, ^YESALIHUNI "They will teach you" Cultural Series |       Paula Papel | | (519) 697-9252 | Cinema Politica London, "Cinema Politica In Your Community" Program |      ABOUT CINEMA POLITICA & FPFS FILMS:     Cinema Politica is thrilled to announce the launch of our First Peoples, First Screens (FPFS) which showcases contemporary Indigenous political filmmaking from across Canada, including documentary, animation, experimental and genre fiction of varying lengths. We are thrilled to circulate four separate clusters of thematically grouped works throughout the Canadian part of the Cinema Politica network, and to provide a platform to discuss Indigenous art, culture, politics, history and struggle at each screening location.  For more information about these films, visit       CLUSTER 3- ART & DETERMINATION:  This FPFS cluster is organized around the use of dance as a means of cultural preservation, expression, and revival.       Koski Kiwetan | Retourner d'où l'on vient | Returning to where we come from     Annie Dubé & Lorraine Echaquan / Canada / 2011 / 7 ' / French / S.T. English /      A parallel is made between a sinuous road dotted with obstacles, the heavy atmosphere in the community of Manawan and the idea of coming home.      In tracing the long and sinuous road that leads to Manawan, Atikamekw travellers speak out about meeting the challenges of improving their life.       Kaha:wi : The Cycle of Life     Shane Belcourt / Canada / 2014 / 45 ' / English / performer, choreographer and artist Santee Smith interprets traditional Iroquois legends through contemporary dance in a cinematic restaging of her 2004 award-winning debut productionKAHA:WI : THE CYCLE OF LIFE. In this touching documentary, a gorgeous and transformative performance is translated effortlessly to the screen, telling us of sacred portals between the Sky World, the Earth World and the Under World.       KAHA:WI is a performance film that perpetuates Iroquoian cultural knowledge, traditional æsthetics and expression in a contemporary form. KAHA:WI opens with an awakening of the spirit, or unseen life force, that manifests into human form. This establishes the spiritual presence that permeates throughout KAHA:WI. A thanksgiving prayer is given to all the living beings in the natural world. Iroquois people call themselves Onkwehon:we… Real People, meaning real physically. That is a distinction from spirit people. There is a concept of duality between this dimension and that dimension. We live in a world where things are real but the universe has other dimensions. The unseen are beyond our comprehension yet we need to communicate with the unseen, some people call that spirit. The human spirit possesses an umbilical connection to the spirit world.     *UPCOMING APRIL-MAY 2016, KAHA:WI DANCE THEATRE PERFORMANCE OF "RE-QUICKENING" AT THE HARBOURFRONT CENTRE IN TORONTO        Kaha:wi Dance Theatre     April 28-May 1, 2016    Re-Quickening     Kaha:wi Dance Theatre (KDT) is one of Canada’s leading contemporary dance companies, recognized for its seamless fusing of Indigenous and contemporary dance into a compelling signature choreographic vision. Internationally renowned for artistic excellence, innovation and collaboration, KDT electrifies audiences from Canada and around the globe.       Tekaronhiáhkhwa Santee Smith, is a performer, an award-winning artistic director and choreographer. She is from the Kahnyen’kehàka Nation, Turtle Clan from Six Nations of the Grand River territory, Ontario. Her dance journey began early and included attending Canada’s National Ballet School. She holds Kinesiology and Psychology degrees from McMaster University and a M.A in Dance from York University. In 1996 the opportunity to choreograph ignited her creative force and she produced her first choreographic work, Kaha:wi in 2004. As a result of this work and her desire to pursue and define a career in contemporary dance, Santee founded Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, a vehicle for her artistic voice in 2005. Her artistic works have been performed throughout Turtle Island and internationally, and speaks loudly of identity and humanity.


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