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london 16/06/2016 - 01:00AM

Season 2016 FINALE: Cinema Politica London partners with AEOLIAN HALL and LONDON GIRLS ROCK CAMP.

The Aeolian, Cinema Politica London, and London Girls Rock Camp team up on documentary screening

Who: The Aeolian Hall, London Girls Rock Camp, Cinema Politica London
When: Wednesday, June 29, 6:30 – 10:00 pm
What: FREE documentary screening of “Girls Rock!” by Arne Johnson and Shane King
Where: The Aeolian Performing Arts Centre, 795 Dundas St East, London, ON |

LONDON, June 22, 2016 – – The Aeolian Hall, Cinema Politica London, and London Girls Rock Camp are teaming up to present a screening of Girls Rock!. The documentary follows a groups of school age girls as they rock their way through day camp. Of course, this is a day camp like no other where the wailing of electric guitars and crashing of drums kits is the norm. “The Aeolian is a community oriented organization focused on diversity and inclusiveness,” says Michael Del Vecchio, Production and Marketing Coordinator at the Hall. “Events such as the Girls Rock! screening demonstrates our commitment to the local community.

The organizers of London Girls Rock Camp are extremely excited to be sharing the documentary that helped inspire a wave of girl’s rock camps all over North America. “The documentary is one of the reasons I was inspired to get involved and create a girl’s rock camp for London,” says Laurie McColeman, one of the camp’s volunteers and organizers. The event demonstrates all three organizations’ commitment so social justice, equality, and community.

GIRLS ROCK! documentary summary:
“At Rock 'n' Roll Camp, girls ranging in age from eight to 18 are taught that it's OK to sweat like a pig, scream like a banshee, wail on their instruments with complete and utter abandon, and that "it is 100% okay to be exactly who you are." The girls have a week to select a band, an instrument they may have never played before, and write a song. In between, they are taught by indie rock chicks such as Carrie Brownstein from Sleater-Kinney various lessons of empowerment from self-defense to anger management. At the end of the week, all the bands perform a concert for over 700 people. The film follows several campers: Laura, a Korean adoptee obsessed by death metal; Misty, who is emerging from a life of meth addiction, homelessness and gang activity; and Amelia, an eight-year-old who writes experimental rock songs about her dog Pipi. What happens to the girls as they are given a temporary reprieve from being sexualized, analyzed and pressured to conform is truly moving and revolutionary.” (Hot Docs review taken from website: )

Cinema Politica London:
Sharing expression of film under the auspices & assistance of Solidarity Film Coalition. Cinema Politica London strives to champion alternative media through the art of documentary film. We aim to engage our community with social and environmental issues globally, nationally and locally. We search for the best documentary art form. Cinema Politica London screens new films on current issues or on issues that continue to be relevant. Cinema Politica London looks at forces that affect the realities of people around the world. Documentary films help us understand global issues such as climate change, economic inequality, human rights, peace, and social justice. Cinema Politica London takes you to specific communities around the world, immerses you in their realities and invites you to seek change through action. To contact Cinema Politica London / Solidarity Film Coalition, you can email london [at] cinemapolitica [dot] org

London Girls Rock Camp:
London Girls Rock Camp is focussed on empowerment, confidence building, friendship making and most importantly music loving. Lead by a team of female musicians and industry contributors, LGRC is excited to share our program with the community. No musical experience necessary as we will be guiding campers through a series of workshops and classes. Our programming has been created for ages 8-15. London Girls Rock Camp welcomes campers who self identify as female, trans and gender non-conforming. LGRC is inclusive and will ensure all participants are safe and comfortable. London Girls Rock Camp is hosted at the new Centre for Digital and Performance Arts, Downtown London Campus of Fanshawe College. To contact London Girls Rock Camp, you can email londongrc [at] gmail [dot] com

About The Aeolian Hall:
The Aeolian Hall is a volunteer run, non-profit, music going experience. The Aeolian believes that the arts can enlighten, inspire, and transform, and is, therefore, committed to building a better community through involvement in the arts. Our Heritage building, nationally recognized for its acoustics, is a multi-disciplinary performance arts centre and school for the arts where the synergy between teaching and performance is fostered and allowed to flourish. At The Aeolian, we provide the highest quality of innovative, accessible, and diverse offerings in performance, education, and volunteerism. For more information on The Aeolian Hall, like us on Facebook (The Aeolian), follow us on Twitter @AeolianHall), or visit


For more information, hi-res press images, or to coordinate interviews with performers, please contact:
Michael Del Vecchio | Production & Marketing Coordinator | production [at] aeolianhall [dot] ca
The Aeolian | 795 Dundas St. | 519-672-7950


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