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london 06/06/2016 - 01:14PM

A trilogy of Indigenous Solidarity film screenings, Jun 2nd, 6th and 15th | Cinema Politica London: Screening Truth & Reconcil

WHEN: JUNE 6th, 2016 -- DOORS OPEN at 6pm refreshment offered -- SHOWTIME at 6:30PM
WHERE: N’AMERIND FRIENDSHIP CENTRE Auditorium, 260 Colborne St., London, Ontario, N6B 2S6


Dear friends of Cinema Politica London,

On the heels of the Government of Ontario's recent apology and declared commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, ( Cinema Politica London has invited the London community to attend a trilogy of Cinema Politica London free film screenings this month of June on the 2nd, 6th and 15th--"Screening Truth & Reconciliation to Power"

On Thursday June 2nd we held our first Truth & Reconciliation film screening of the NFB documentary "We Were Children" at the London Central Library, which looked at two personal accounts of residential school survivors' experiences re-enacted. Special local guest speakers facilitated the riveting discussion after the film, with poignant moments of personal sharing among the audience members.

Upcoming now is Cinema Politica London's second Truth & Reconciliation film screening on Monday June 6th at 6.30pm, in partnership with N'Amerind Friendship Centre, exploring how land and indigenous identity are inextricably tied together, through the accounts of Manitoba reserve flood survivors in the film "TREADING WATER : Plight of the 2011 Manitoba First Nation Flood Evacuees"

"TREADING WATER", an award winning documentary about 2100 First Nation people who were forced from their homes after artificially diverted floodwater swamped their communities to save the city of Winnipeg and other major urban centers. This journey to the Lake St. Martin First Nation explores the political spider web that has entangled this community and prevents them from going home. Treading Water is a deeply intimate look at the unexpected, untold story of the real-life evacuees behind the national headlines of the 2011 Manitoba flood.

Additional First Nations, First Screens short films in the Roots Remain series, e.g. Nanapush & the Turtle, will round out the discussion on indigenous land, culture and identity.

We invite all participants to follow the Truth & Reconciliation approach of listening, witnessing and sharing.

As usual, this screening is free and everyone is welcome. However, due to the sensitive nature of this topic, be aware that it may trigger deep emotional responses. For more detailed information on the film please visit our web page is attached.

Feel free to share this invitation with your friends and contacts.
We hope to see you there.

In solidarity,

The Cinema Politica London Committee
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Sharing expression of film under the auspices & assistance of Solidarity Film Coalition. Cinema Politica London strives to champion alternative media through the art of documentary film. We aim to engage our community with social and environmental issues globally, nationally and locally. We search for the best documentary art form. Cinema Politica London screens new films on current issues or on issues that continue to be relevant. Cinema Politica London looks at forces that affect the realities of people around the world. Documentary films help us understand global issues such as climate change, economic inequality, human rights, peace, and social justice. Cinema Politica London takes you to specific communities around the world, immerses you in their realities and invites you to seek change through action.

First Peoples, First Screens (FPFS) showcases contemporary Indigenous political filmmaking from across Canada, including documentary, animation, experimental and genre fiction of varying lengths. We are thrilled to circulate four separate clusters of thematically grouped works throughout the Canadian part of the Cinema Politica network, and to provide a platform to discuss Indigenous art, culture, politics, history and struggle at each screening location.



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