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network 21/02/2017 - 11:00AM

Segregated Histories and Proactive Parenting in these two Black History Month CPVOD titles

Documentaries have the power to remind us of how far we have come, and also to show us what potential lies ahead. This Black History Month, Cinema Politica Video On Demand (#CPVOD) is proud to open a window on to the past as well as a door on to the future with two essential documentaries that explore race issues in Canada. 


THE LITTLE BLACK SCHOOL HOUSE interrogates Canada's shameful history of racially segregated schools. Through interviews and archival footage, filmmaker Sylvia Hamilton reminds us that we are not so far removed from our southern neighbors in a complicit history of discrimination. This bold exploration of racial inequalities in a Canadian context serves as a reminder that now, more than ever, we must ensure that quality education remains a right for all Canadians.

Challenging the stale trope of neglectful black fathers, Ella Cooper’s short 2015 documentary BLACK MEN LOVING follows members of regent Park's Black Daddies Club. Teasing apart the countless marginalizing and toxic media depictions of an absent black father, these are some proud papas! Watch these very present fathers speak with determination and humour as the recall their own family histories, the pride in raising children of their own, and the drive to share examples of loving black fatherhood in the face of a media that renders them invisible.

Start with these two outstanding titles - but don't stop there! Dedicated to screening both critically acclaimed and emerging documentaries and cinema from around the world, you can anticipate many more Cinema Politica VOD releases coming up in 2017.

(Maggie MacDonald)  


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