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network 25/03/2015 - 09:00AM


Cinema Politica recently formed a new partnership with the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS), a leading American scholarly organization dedicated to research and teaching about film, television, and related media. The SCMS holds an annual conference to promote the field of cinema and media studies, and this year they are coming to Montreal. 

As part of this collaboration, they’ve included our upcoming screening of BREAKING THE FRAME at CP Concordia on March 28th in their conference program. This avant-garde mosaic-film, directed by Marielle Nitoslawska, tells the story of Carolee Schneemann, an experimental feminist filmmaker whose art challenges stereotypical notions of gender and sexuality.

Just before the film, conference attendees are welcome to attend panel P11 Film Festivals and the ‘Creative Turn’ in Documentary, featuring Ezra Winton, CP Co-founder and Director of Programming. He will be presenting a talk about film festivals and distribution.

We invite all film and media fanatics to check out this year’s conference program here


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