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network 17/03/2020 - 02:00PM

Cinema Politica Network: COVID-19 Update

As we watch the COVID-19 pandemic unfold on a global scale, we have been evaluating our response and what would be appropriate as an organisation whose activities depend on the congregation of large groups of people. At this time, we urge our locals to suspend their screening activities in accordance with the public health recommendations of their area.

As we take these precautionary measures we stand firmly opposed to racism of any kind, and in particular to anti-Asian racism, which has unfortunately manifested in the wake of ignorance and prejudices exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. We condemn racially-fueled alarmism around the virus outbreak, which is entrenched in xenophobia, and stand in solidarity with Asian and particularly East Asian communities everywhere. We call on our supporters to also stand in solidarity and to fight racism in all its forms at this crucial time that calls for community support and mutual aid.

CP is also opposed to alarmist and xenophobic calls to close and/or strengthen borders, and in this regard we reiterate what social justice activists are saying across the country and world: We need accessible and free health care systems available to all, paid sick leave and fair wages for all, the measured practices of social distancing and consensual boundaries (not racism, xenophobia and increased border “protection”). We call on our supporters to therefore stand in solidarity and fight settler colonialism, racism and border imperialism in all its manifestations at this crucial time.

Please check the Cinema Politica website in the coming days and weeks for any further updates or news with regards to the suspension of our activities.

Thank you for your patience.


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