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network 20/01/2010 - 12:00PM

CP film tour draws national media attention

Today's edition of the Globe and Mail has a story about Cinema Politica and the controversial tour of the critical documentary The Coca Cola Case. We have been overwhelmed by the media response actually, with excellent coverage from local and national media alike. Yesterday our tour story was featured at Yahoo News, and more interviews and stories should hopefully keep coming as the tour progresses.

Our friends at the NFB have told us that The Coca Cola's trailer is the number one viewed NFB film trailer on their site. This is all very good news for the film and for Cinema Politica. The media attention has encouraged people out there to contact us with comments as well, and while the vast majority are totally positive and encouraging, we always get the odd person who, well, seems to hate us. Here are two examples of the spectrum:

"It is because of stupid ignorant people like you that the world is the mess that it is. Kindly keep your b. s. out of Alberta and do dogooder work some where Haiti..."

And, "Great job, you're an inspiration to radicals everywhere!"

Ahhh, the many voices of a nation. Thanks for all the support we have been receiving and please spread the word about the tour, especially if the film will play near you!

Lastly, here are some links to recent media coverage:

 + Sickly Sweet in The Hour + Filmmakers refuse to be intimidated by soft drink giant in the Montreal Gazette + Coca-Cola intimidates student group over film screening at + Sickly Sweet Censorship at + Coca-Cola lawyers threaten Cinema Politica in The Link + Corruption Classic in The Link + The Cinema politica vs. Coca-Cola classic at + Cola flick fizzes in the Mirror + A bottle of pop has profit margins to kill for in The Concordian + Cinema Politica and a Case of Coke at the Montreal Gazette online + Cinema Politica Screens, Streams NFB Content at MediaCaster Magazin
+ Film group says plans to screen Coca-Cola doc drawing company's ire at Yahoo News 


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