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network 13/02/2018 - 11:00AM

Real Tales of Revolution and Reflection Make Up CP On Demand’s First VOD Additions of 2018

Here at CP headquarters in Montreal, we’ve catapulted into the new year with a slew of new local chapters, new network initiatives and new rabble-rousing additions to our film catalogue, all with the ongoing commitment to traditional narrative disruption through defiant documentary (and some fiction too). Our latest On Demand acquisitions epitomize the spirit of the times as they chronicle environmental standoffs, alt-right uprisings, and the not-yet departed ghosts of Europe’s political past. Check out these tripartite titles we’re proud to have join the CP VOD and SVOD libraries, which are all available to watch now!

AMAZON VOICES: IN THE HEART OF NATIVE AMERICAN RESISTANCE goes to the heart of the Amazonia basin of Ecuador, where oil extraction is ravaging ancestral land that is being stripped from its rightful inhabitants. At once an ecological call-to-arms and a vibrant portrait of a community that remains unflinchingly resilient in the face of actions steered only by money, AMAZON VOICES is a timely chronicle of the grassroots land protection occurring South of the Equator. Watch this title now!

A mass of dedicated people backed by a unified mission is similarly probed in GOLDEN DAWN: A PERSONAL AFFAIR, although this group is alarmingly at odds with those seeking social justice. Greece’s burgeoning Neo-nazi movement, who have christened themselves “Golden Dawn,” have been climbing the country’s polls and contributing to hate-driven media propaganda. Journalist and filmmaker Angélique Kourounis bravely peers through a personal lens, concerned for those closest to her—her Jewish husband, her gay and anarchist sons—to ask a fundamental question about the toxic ideology of those filled with so much hate: “Who really is behind Golden Dawn?” Watch this title now!

Interior states are mined in PERM-36. REFLEXION, a documentary tracking three former Russian political prisoners whose minds frequently return to the gulag where they were once held captive. The film follows the three men—a worker, a literary scholar and a human rights activist—as they return to the Perm-36 prison camp, which has since been transformed into a museum for the history of political repression, reopening old wounds and taking part in an international forum called “Pilorama.” Watch this title now!

Cinema Politica’s On Demand catalogues are chock-full of independent political film and video crafted by bold artists working from the margins. All the proceeds from CP On Demand rentals and subscriptions are shared between Cinema Politica and the film’s rights holder (or the charity or not-for-profit of the rights holder’s choosing). You can watch films like the ones above on a pay-per-view basis, or you can head right over to our subscription service and start your free trial to access a bundle of badass cinema immediately.


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