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network 14/05/2016 - 04:00PM


Cinema Politica is very pleased to announce that our newest #CPVOD offering, ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD, launches today and which can now be viewed online as well as seen at any of our locals throughout the network.
Lia Tarachansky, a former Israeli settler, has made a powerful film that follows her personal journey to rediscover the censored and erased moments of Israel’s cultural memory regarding the founding of Israel and the displacement of the Palestinian people.

When Tarachansky returns to Israel from Canada as an adult and a journalist, she is shocked by the wilful “collective amnesia” of her fellow Israelis, many of whom participated in the 1948 violent conflicts that established the state of Israel on Palestinian land.

ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD explores Israel’s Orwellian attempts to rewrite its own history while criminalizing any mention of its own bloody trail. The truth cannot stay hidden though, and the ugliness of Israel’s colonial past must be shared widely if we are to create any meaningful change for Palestinians and Israelis alike.
Cinema Politica is proud to launch this important documentary on our VOD service today, on the 68 year anniversary of the Nakba (the Palestinian term translated as 'the catastrope').

Rent this film and start watching today!


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