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network 13/08/2014 - 11:00AM

Featured Video: John Greyson: How to Make Glue from Macaroni

Last April we invited filmmaker and activist John Greyson to Montreal to give a talk for our ten year anniversary gathering. The event also doubled as our first official book launch for Screening Truth to Power: A Reader on Documentary Activism and we packed the 11th floor space of a downtown Concordia building.

Greyson's slideshow and talk floored everyone in attendance, and we are happy to share it here with you as part of our online video collection (check out our Vimeo and Youtube channels for more). Greyson speaks of his experience in a Cairo prison and links art practices with solidarity and resistance in a compelling 40 minute presentation.

The talk was made all the more dramatic due to the lack of stage lights and our DIY bike-light solution, which slowly illuminated Greyson's face as the sun went down and the room got darker around him. Click the above video to watch, and enjoy!

Image: Svetla Turnin (CP Executive Director & co-editor of Screening Truth to Power), John Greyson (film & video artist, Screening Truth to Power contributor), Tom Waugh (Film scholar, CP board member and Screening Truth to Power contributor) and  Ezra Winton (CP Director of Programming & co-editor of Screening Truth to Power) at CP 10 Year Anniversary Party & Book Launch.


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