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network 03/02/2016 - 04:00PM

Help Us Get CP Nairobi Started

We are a group of media activists from Nairobi, Kenya. For several years a few of us have tried to get a Cinema Politica local going, but due to logistical, resource and time constraints, it hasn't happened. Now we have found a venue or two, and we might finally be able to pull it off! The only thing we need is a projector that we can use for the screenings, especially if we want to organize screenings in other cities as well. We’d really like to be able to start this local, which will be the first in Africa, and the first unique political cinema space run by activists in a city which has very few ‘progressive’ spaces for people to gather, discuss and watch films. If anyone is able to help us to find a projector and/or any supporting resources, to start off the local, we’d be very grateful! Please send an email to if you have any leads!

Signed, Zahra Moloo (Journalist and documentary producer) and Wairimu Gitau (Communications expert and Journalist).


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