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network 20/12/2016 - 01:00PM

Holiday discount now in action on #CPVOD!

It's been a kicker of a year. From preposterous presidents to petulant pundits, we—the collective in-the-streets, organizing, fighting for change, resilient we—have seen hope quashed in one part of the world, only to be rekindled in another. But as we consider just what a firebrand year 2016 was, we also want to look ahead to the next sparks, the next infernos of collective action and community resistance. The year ahead is going to be a tough one, but it also won't be without its moments of insurrection, justice and alt-world building. With that in mind, #CPVOD offers five of our newest rebellious online works for a special, limited-time holiday discount price.

Whether it's a Norwegian activist exploring crucial transnational connections that link supposed progressive government funding with Alberta's tar sands in THE GOOD NEIGHBOUR; the close and thoughtful treatment of a diverse range of voices, mostly people of colour, that contextualizes the London riots of 2011 in RIOTS REFRAMED; transgendered invidividuals who create a vibrant alternative family model, challenges and all, in TRANSGENDER PARENTS (French subtitled version here); Indigenous activists from Barriere Lake who tell the Canadian government to HONOUR YOUR WORD; or the revealing and very troubling history of the rise of the Christan right in the US investigated beautifully in SILHOUETTE CITY, these titles have something of interest for everyone.

Watch any of these five titles for our holiday price of $1.99, good until January 2nd, when these films return to their normal, but still affordable, prices. Start watching and sign up for the #CPVOD newsletter today.


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