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network 21/03/2017 - 01:00PM

Local Spotlight: CP Malmö

In 2013 Cinema Politica Malmö had its debut screening. About 15 people attended that first screening, and today our audience has grown to about 60+. Our team currently consists of 6 members, which fluctuates throughout the year. During the school year, we host a screening every second week, at a small local library, Garaget. Our aim is to encourage discussion and debate on socio-political, cultural and/or environmental issues. Every screening consists of fika (the Swedish verb to have coffee and cake), and a discussion following the film.

The discussion is the highlight of any screening. The film provides a starting point for larger discourse that is relevant to the socio-political themes presented in the film. Our discussion has taken on different forms throughout the years. In an attempt to make everyone feel included, we have focused our energy to find the best way to do this. We moved away from a presentation-style discussion to more of a round table atmosphere. This change has allowed for a more inclusive and dynamic space. There is more dialogue between all members of the group, rather than between a single moderator and the group. Prior to the discussion we ask the participants to be conscious of how much they are participating, and to be aware that the people around them also may wish to speak. 

We screen films that highlight a diverse range of issues. No matter where the action of the film occurs, whether about indigenous Latin Americans or corporate America, we strive to connect our discourse to local issues happening here in Malmö or in neighbouring European countries. To achieve this, we invite local ‘experts’ and guest speaker to the majority of screenings. This ranges from students at the local university, a professional, someone working at a local organisation, who can contribute to the dialogue. We intend to leave participants with greater awareness about the issues presented in the film, and with information on how to get involved locally with organisation trying to improve similar circumstances.

A few times each semester we try to collaborate with other local organisations. This brings more expertise to the screenings but also allows us to reach more people, broadening our audience. One of our main aims lately has been to attract a more diverse group of people to the screenings. This improves the discussion by representing more people’s perspective in the community. By reaching people of different generations, and social groups, it helps us have a better understanding on the issues in our society. Recently we have been gifted with some more funding from a local organisation. This has given us the opportunity to buy a couple of films each year, and to invite speakers living outside of Malmö. Through this, we try to support local film makers, on issues more pressing to the Malmö community. We want our local to be a space for us to connect film makers, local activists and members of the community working for social change.

Our screenings are made possible with the help from ABF Malmö and Garaget.


Written by Louise Koblauch


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