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network 30/09/2020 - 02:00PM

MANIC and SHADOWS OF LIBERTY now available for streaming

Discover our two latest award-winning films added to CP ON DEMAND! MANIC features an intimate portrait of a family's journey with mental health, while SHADOWS OF LIBERTY confronts the pervasive censorship of corporate media. These films find renewed relevance in discussion on social issues that have been brought to the forefront by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In MANIC, Montreal-based director Kalina Bertin takes the viewer on a spellbinding exploration into mental health. Making use of home-videos, photographs and diaries, Bertin transforms film-making into a cathartic healing process. In an interview with Montreal Gazette, Bertin described how her "camera became a necessary ally" in understanding her father's perspective and a legacy that had been previously shrouded in secrecy. 

As she unravels the multiple lives led by her father, known to others as a cult leader, Bertin forges a renewed creative link between generations. A brave and revealing film, the sensitively told tale of MANIC is especially potent at a time when so many are facing unprecedented strain on family and mental health.

Based on Ben Bagdikian's critically acclaimed book The Media Monopoly, SHADOWS OF LIBERTY by Quebec filmmaker Jean-Philippe Tremblay is a scathing critique of a media industry that is beholden to corporate sponsorship. The model of journalism for profit has undoubtedly betrayed the public trust, turning journalists into billboards promoting imperialist agendas. With state manipulation of disinformation, and journalism that relies more on convenient allegations than proven facts, who can the public trust? 

Premiered in 2012, Tremblay's film finds renewed relevance as the COVID pandemic has decimated many industries, including mainstream and independent media. Mass layoffs have been followed by greater centralization of reporting and broadcasting, treating local coverage as expendable. And with the U.S. elections just over a month away, SHADOWS OF LIBERTY poses urgent questions about the role of responsible and principled journalism. As corporate media continues to silence adversarial journalism, this revealing documentary is more relevant than ever to a discussion on what it really means to speak truth to power. In addition to being available on our subscription channel, SHADOWS OF LIBERTY is available on our pay-per-view channel.

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